Boutique Style Skin Care

Therapeutic facials that combine luxury and relaxation using botanically based, paraben-free products

custom facials

helping you regain vitality for skin that has been ravaged by environment, habit or disease

natural products

therapeutic treatments using only botanically based, paraben-free products that combine luxury and relaxation

skin treatments

results-orientated skincare without compromising health or relaxation for ALL skin types

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With a strong focus on problem skin such as acne, rosacea, aging, environmentally and hormonally stressed skin, I aim to deliver results-oriented treatments for each client. Taking into account each client’s unique history, lifestyle and goals, I use my intent, empathy and knowledge as a therapist to achieve results for all skin types while delivering deeply relaxing and balancing treatment for each guest. I love working on people of all ages and skin types from first-timers to the seasoned spa-goer. Each treatment experience offers a chance for renewal and recharging, a getaway from everyday stresses.

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